Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Mean the Asstastic Thong Girls Are Coming Back to Town!

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Last winter time, we were treated to a bevy of long-lingering bikini beauties from foreign lands invading Miami Beach with their captivating bodies and their passion inducing bums, not the least of whom was Paraguayan model hottie Claudia Galanti, who loves sunshine, beach play, and thong bikinis, much to our happy happy eyes.

Now, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, or my Uncle Seamus coming round for holiday money to buy presents for the kids he pretends to have, the butt-amazing Claudia Galanti is back in turquoise and flashing that super fine tanned body of hers that droves us nuts all last winter. And, we are ready for Claudia, with dirty thoughts and open eyes, ready for another winter of bikini fun time!

The girls are back in town! Enjoy.

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