Claudia Galanti Bikini Pictures Take Us to Asstastic Heaven

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If the end truly is coming on 12/21/12, then I think I'd like to go out of this world betwixt the firm bikini cheeks of Claudia Galanti, the Paraguayan MILF model who calls Miami Beach her winter vacation home, and who puts on such a display of oceanside body hotness, that even the senior citizen male denizen of the area find themselves feeling 'with vigor' again. Such is the power of the asstastic.

In her latest round of two-piece flashing of her sweet tanned pieces, Claudia brought out the green thong to remind every ogling gentleman in the area that but a thin inch of material lay between their optical nerves and a glimpse into Latina heaven. It's a tease, but the kind of tease we can appreciate, as soon as we regain consciousness. Enjoy.

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