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Claudia Galanti Nipple Slips to Add Awesome to Her A-Plus Bikini Body of Work

Eventually, this does happen. I mean, we do naturally follow the super hot bodies of our favorite female celebrities just for the daily ogle, but we also know that good things, nay, great things, come to those who sit and wait (and we are so good at those two skills). So, today, we got a sweet sneak peak of super Paraguayan bikini sextastic, Claudia Galanti, delicious teat slipping out of her bikini top along Miami Beach, where she has been holding bodily court daily. And what a regal body indeed.

Now, with less than week left until Christmas, I'm not going to suggest that somebody up there at the North Pole might have used his merry magic to drop an early gift upon our doorstep, but I am suggesting that contrary to popular opinion, St. Nick didn't completely ignore a certain naughty kid's wish list. Bare Boobtastic! Thank you, Santa. Enjoy.

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