Coco Goes Curvaceous for 'Peepshow' in Sin City

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Back when I was a young man, in the 1920's or so, shows in Vegas used to be topless. I mean, that's why dudes went to Vegas, to gamble and see topless women parading around on stage, or off-stage if you could afford the private time shows. And while topless stage shows have gone the way of modern concessions to family vacation travel in Sin City, there are still a few odes to the past that are worth noting, as in, the 'Peepshow' at Planet Hollywood, pumped up to the hour-glass degree with the guest appearance of our friend Coco, who brought her round-all over form into the tiny costume and on-stage for the revue.

Now, old school Vegas may be dead and buried with the bodies out in the desert, but girls with big bosoms and booties shaking their built-for-partying bodies on stage under the lights? That will never ever go away. Enjoy.

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