Courtnie Quinlan Chests Up to Amii Grove In Our Weekly Topless Battle of the Boobtastic

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Though this may be the season of Peace on Earth, there is also that Goodwill to Men bit, and what generates more good will than two fine Britty glamour models going ta-to-ta in the Thunderdome of the Chest Puppies we like to call our Page 3 weekly Battle of the Boobtastic.

In our final battle of 2012, we put the squeaky hot girl next door, Courtnie Quinlan, and her faptastic funbags up against one of our fast-becoming-favorites to ogle, Amii Grove, the girl with two 'i's that we would surely love to dot in an indecent manner. Two tremendously fine ladies without much clothes on pitting their wares against one another for the crown. Two deserving challengers, but who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

And, as a special treat from our friends at Page 3, check out their Half-Dozen Topless Hotties, including Lucy, Holly, Rosie and more all in red flashing outfits for the Christmas spirit:

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