Holly Peers, Nicole Neal, Staci Noblett and Others Topless in Pabo 'La Magie' 2013 Calendar

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It's time to break out the high-concept topless calendar time, one of our favorite times of the year. The combination of some of our favorite glamour models such as Holly Peers, Nicole Neal, Staci Noblett and a bevy of other babetastic beauties, well, 12 in all, naturally, for t he Pabo 2013 Calendar with the theme of Magic!

Now, let's be real, magic is pretty damn nerdy, but, like any subject matter, the edition of wicked hot topless girls makes everything cool, or hot, or so hot it's cool. So take a gander at all twelve months of the Pabo Calendar and see if you don't feel tempted to pull your rabbit out of its hat. Enjoy.

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