Jennifer Nicole Lee See-Through Dress Because Naughty Moms Are Just Hotter than Boring Moms

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What can I say? Every time I think my Jennifer Nicole Lee hot mom lust is going to fade, JNL shows up in another little ensemble of the naughty MILFtastic kind and my heart goes a flutter and all I can think about is Jennifer baking me cookies in her kitchen while explaining to me that the milk comes from somewhere special to her. Wrong? Maybe, but it sure feels right.

What's to stop a sextastic mother from daring down the street in a see-through dress? Well, absolutely nothing when she's a BBW turned fitness guru and she knows that nobody with a swing betwixt their legs is going to complain one bit. Now, when the local moms get together to drive Jennifer out of town, things could get ugly. Enjoy.

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