Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Are Hot Bodied, Asstastic, and Just Downright Colorful

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Wow, we almost went a whole day without spotting a sextastic celebrity in a bikini along Miami Beach and then blammo! As if we could miss her, Joanna Krupa, one of our favorites in a tiny but brightly colored bikini standing out like a beacon of hotness in an otherwise cloudy day.

And then we spotted that tight little dumper on Joanna, and despite whatever relationship status she is now in, engaged, married, still hooking, we care not, for a bottomside like that is a thing of beauty.

Forget the Norwegian Spruce, for Christmas I'd like to string some popcorn and lights around that Polish Asstastic. I won't even get into the messy flocking certain  to occur. Enjoy.

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