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Kim Kardashian Nekkid in Playboy Because Her Bootylicious Is About to Go Away Forever

For a porn star, Kim Kardashian ironically has very few nekkid photos of herself floating around, I mean, of the professional sort, outside of her homemade offerings. In fact, there are really no good sets of Kim Kardashian nekkid outside of the financially beneficial spread she did for Playboy magazine, some quite ravishing photos by photographer Stephen Wadya of the world's most famous non-celebrity celebrity.

In honor of Kim Kardashian allowing spermatozoa into her uterus, I mean, without protection or direct cash transfer, we present to you a sampling of those delicious Playboy photos, courtesy of our friends at PlayboyPlus, the online home of all things nekkid female hotness.

Which reminds me, and you, to get the PlayboyPlus half-off discount for Egotastic! readers, now, before it goes away and you are left crying in your cold split pea soup. And first thing to do when you get the deal is check out the entire Kim Kardashian nekkid photo set!.

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