Kim Kardashian Skin Tight Dress Reveals Her Full Body of Work

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To give credit where it's due, and we always do, Kim Kardashian has shed a few lbs. since peaking out in mind-October, when she was being forced to buy two plane tickets for her worldly travel and Kanye West was being forced to use a building window washing rig to tap d'at ass. But, fresh back from her Piece of Cash in the Middle East tour, Kim Kardashian is looking closer to her role playing weight, but still flaunting the upside of the extra bodily lipids, flashing her mammoth sized mammaries beneath a skin tight dress in Miami.

To say Kim's new dress left little to the imagination belies that fact that every man within ogling distance was imagining a game of Diver Down betwixt her Kardashian peaks. Hey, everybody is good for something and Kim definitely knows how to show off her something somethings. Enjoy.

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