Leah Francis Topless Bodacious and Just Bouncy Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Sometimes, you just need a little big tits.
-- Bill Swift, on his 8th birthday

From cradle to grave, man (and our Sapphic leaning female friends) simply must have sweet funbags to survive. This is just a scientific fact. First, for nourishment, then for soothing, and finally, for being a solid dirty old man looking down tops. You can't fight nature. Nor will we today. Rather, on this Ta-Ta-Tuesday we will embrace the roundest of the mams from a ma'am named Leah Francis, a desperately curvy British glamour model who toots our horn, floats our boat, and polishes our bishop. Actually, the latter are are responsible for ourselves. Everybody must do their part.

Featured in the new edition of Zoo magazine, Leah Francis helps remind us that boobs make everything better. Who can feel angry when staring into the plump puppies of Leah Francis? Not I. Not today. Enjoy.

(**Check out the Leah Francis topless video and learn why Leah loves the smell of 'rubber' in her private space!)

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