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Lucy Collett Topless Lingerie Photos For a 2012 Faptastic Farewell to All Things Ginger Hot

The more New Year's I live to see (and according to Johnny Nablinski, my fourth grade bully with an actual tattoo -- what kind of nine year old as a tattoo? -- I wouldn't live to see my tenth year). the more I realize that what I've lusted before, I will lust again, the constants in life are what  really make it special, eternal delight found in the wonderments of curvaceous ginger girls, among one of the most enduring for me, and apparently many of you as well.

And certainly at or near the top of that list is Lucy Collett, who for the past two years now has served as the red icing on our cake, the scarlet on our naughty letters, and the ginger on our cup of tea. Lucy Collett has everything we look for in a woman, and while we only look for like four things, oh, man, has she got those and then some.

Bless you, Lucy Collett, for another fine year of making so many men so incredibly happy. I mean, first in a little bit of discomfort, but, then, eventually, very very happy. Enjoy.

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