Mellisa Clarke Topless Natural Hotness to Help You Guide Your Sleigh Tonight

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As 2013 comes to a near-close, we can't help but think about another year spent with some of our favorite sextastic celebrities, but also the newcomers to Egotastic! who have thrown us head over heels into lust with the entire female species. Mellisa Clarke definitely belongs on this list.

The gothy cheeky natural skinny inked up hottie glamour model just gives us a feeling we haven't had since prepubescent boys kicking in a swimming pool and suddenly feeling something inexplicably good and grown up. Yes, the pangs of our ultimate purpose, just burgeoning, without even the cognizance of what a woman such as Mellisa Clarke stripping out of a bits of pinkish lingerie might do to us someday. It's the Circle of Lust, and it spins fast thanks to the sextastic exhibition of girls like Mellisa. Enjoy.

(Check out more, much more of our belusted hottie Mellisa on her Mellisa Clarke Official Website.)

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