Oh, Mama! More Stephanie Seymour Asstastic MILFtastic Beach Posing in St. Bart's

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And just because nipple slipping is never enough for the show-stopping beach exhibitionist how mama, Stephanie Seymourperformed another round of ocean front badonkadonk yoga to ensure that everybody within ogling eye-shot, not to mention her family loving brood right behind her, caught generous sight of her world class 40-something body covered only in wet sheer swimsuit. It was quite a show.

Now, I know that you know that all this taboo MILFtastic talk of Stephanie Seymour is merely just an expletive of jealousy on my part; I won't deny it. For how could anyone deny that being a teen boy with a bodacious model mom who falls out of her swimsuits, or puts on bending preening fawning shows of the asstastic right in your face would not be something of sensational experience. Of course, there is the frustration sure to follow. But, then, the lights go out in the cabana and mommy makes it all feel better (I know, I need help). Enjoy.

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