Paz de la Huerta Nekkid and Sextastic on the Beach for Playboy

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You know by now how much we respect the hell out of Paz de la Huerta and her penchant for dropping out of her clothes for both onscreen and offscreen roles. One of the bravest women in Hollywood, who also happens to have a killer body, which helps a whole lot in placing her on a pedestal and waving our fingers at so many other non-nekkid baring sextastic celebrities and chastizing, 'Why can't you be more like Paz?'.

In the latest edition of Playboy magazine, Paz de la Huerta teams up with photographer Mario Sorrenti for one spectacular beachside nekkid photoshoot, tan and curvy and delicious all over. Even if you're not the biggest Paz fan, you absolutely must respect the fact that she openly states how much she loves to be nekkid in her Playboy interview, then proves it with her Playboy photos.

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