READER FINDS: Gerri Halliwell Peeped, Pink Topless, Kristen Bell Burlesque, and Much Much More...

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Oh, blessed Friday, precursor to all that is bawdy and naughty in our lives. We have reached you. And, as always, to celebrate the end of the week, we gather round the lurid fire pit of the faptastic as our readers toss in their contributions of skin-filled celebrity wonderments that combine to form the perfect visual stew we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes a double-shot contribution of the Walking Dead hottie Lauren Cohan and Kristen Bell showy in Burlesque (thank you to EgoReader 'Joey G.'), another twosome contribution of the Sudamericana hottie Noelia Rios nekkid in gold body paint and Amber Lancaster nekkid on Entourage (kudos to 'David M.'), Sofia Vergara showing tons o' boob onset (shoutout to 'Roy B.' and 'Stuart' who both found this), and more Sofia Vergara cleavy  from Modern Family (good on you 'Amod), Brazilian teen hottie Bruna Marquezine bikini shots from her soap opera (thanks to 'Lucas S.' for this pleasant uncovery), singer Pink topless from 2006 Bryan Adams photoshoot (yes, that Bryan Adams, and thanks to both 'Corey B.' and 'YellYellow'), Latina model Maya Alvarado (hotly contributed by 'Bruno), Gerri Halliwell caught changing her clothes in the store (deliciously delivered by 'Psion'), Rosie Jones wicked hot and topless for Front (kudos to 'Bengie M'), Britty hotties Amy Green topless in her Page 3 shoot (thank you much to 'David H.'), and Emma Frain and Caitlin Wynters showering together (shoutout to 'Devon'). Wow, that is a mouthful, or two. Enjoy.

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