Rhian Sugden Topless and Ready to be Unzipped; A Boxing Day Treat!

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Well, don't you know, today is Boxing Day in the British Empire, a tradition like most British traditions that dates back so far nobody really knows why it got its name or how it started, but now it's an official holiday and more importantly, allows the English a day off to get their hands on all the post-Christmas shopping discounts.

But, to me, the Yank, Boxing Day means another chance to open a Britty hottie present, this time in the form of blonde bombshell Rhian Sugden who takes the opportunity of this season of giving, to give us a delightful view of her epic hot body, stripping right on down to her purple zippered up panties. Now, we may nave have been good with buttons or clasps or the like when it comes to undressing women, but zippers, heck yeah, we men are born to pull. Enjoy.

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