Sophie Christina Butt-Dropped Whooty By Indignant Egotastic! Reader

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Here's the thing about booties. Do not cross people when it comes to their favorites. Lesson learned.

No sooner did we post the winner of Miss BumBum contest from Rio this morning than the letters came pouring in about how 'dat ass' wasn't nearly the best big badonkadonk around. Turns out, many dudes love big cheek and they are truly committed to their favorite bottoms.

We can't show you all the outrage, because quite frankly by angry letter number three, we tune out, as it reminds us to much of the letters our mom used to write us from prison, but, thanks to EgoReader 'Devon', we did take note of rather noteworthy Sophie Christina, a bootylicious Canuckian model of French and Grecian persuasion. And 'dat ass', featured in Curvehouse magazine, oh, mother of all things big and juicy, so juicy that the damn word 'juicy' is tattooed on the cheek itself. We didn't even notice her covered topless bodaciousness for several minutes. That's the power of the booty by golly. Enjoy.

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