Summer St. Claire Topless Shoot Confirms Fact That Girls Named 'Summer' Are Always Hot

I'm not sure how this works. If parents her name their girls 'Summer' just have some blind intuition, or if the name itself just turns an otherwise ordinary baby child onto a path toward stellar female hotness, but it's s proven scientific fact that over 88% of women named Summer are, in fact, females of the wood inducing variety. If you know a girl named Summer who is not hot, you are looking at an outlier. Shrink-wrap her and put her on Ebay, mint in box, because this is the rare exception.

Take for example, Summer St. Claire, debuting on Egotastic! and currently featured in this week's Nuts magazine, all kinds of hot and topless and desirable and making-men-do-stupid-things like. Just an outstanding addition to the sextastic 'Summer' nomenclature. A little black lingerie, a whole lots of perfect boobtastic. Oh, yes, this is a prime example that makes the case. Enjoy.

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