Thank God It's Funbags! Danielle Sharp In Massive Topless Outtakes Awesomeness

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If you're going to launch yourself into the weekend, you're going to need something springy, loaded, and perfectly bouncy, and, today, well, like every day, we have the perfect solution. Just one massive gallery of Britain's sexiest co-ed Danielle Sharp featuring her ridiculously hot, perfect, and lust-inducing body, all outtakes from a recent Nuts magazine photoshoot. This makes us so happy.

I know what you're thinking. I don't deserve to see FIFTY picture of the smoking hot bodied Danielle Sharp. What have I done to warrant such prurient pleasure and all-over delight? Well, let me tell you something, dear Egotastic! reader, for Thank God It's Funbags, you don't need an excuse to virtually motorboat yourself into a state of bliss. Consider it less of a privilege and more of an order. From me.

Now, get to it. Because, trust me, once you start flipping through these photos, you are going to feel like you haven't felt since you were in middle school and caught the unusually young and attractive language teacher bending over to retrieve something from her car in the teacher parking lot. Yes, that good. Enjoy.

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