Thank God It's Funbags! Kaori Kwon Topless With Vegetables to Promote Healthy Hot Bodies

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Well, this is it, the final Friday of 2012, and we sure as hell are not going out without some serious funbags to end 52-sessions of Thank God It's Funbags.

This week we merge our lust for all things busty Asian with our new found love of fruits and vegetables (at least, we're pretending since we got a juicer for Christmas so we have to talk about how we can't wait to drink kale, mmm) in the form of super hottie and deliciously boobtastic model Kaori Kwon, who is doing all kinds of things with her veggies that make even the greenest of them look quite tasty.

Now, sipping down a wet glob of pressed veggies may not be as magical a treat as working your way through the faptastic teats of Ms. Kwon, but ask yourself this, what's healthier? Exactly. Kaori Kwon nibble time!  TGIF!

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