Vynessa Orchid Topless Pictures For Reader Happiness on Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Oh, the sad sad letter we receive from readers in deep, unabiding lust for some hottie that has never appeared on Egotastic!, and you can't understand why and you're upset so you fire off an angry missive or maybe you mail us your bloody ear or something, and then we finally relent, because we respect passion, and in the case of EgoReader 'Joseph B.', well, we respect your choice for object d' lust in Vynessa Orchid.

Now, I must say, Vynessa Orchid is new to us as a model, and her name, well, I'm not sure that's mother given, but that heavenly body with the ink so many of you guys just can't get enough of, well, how can we not honor long-time reader Josephs' request to share a little orchid flower with you here on Ta-Ta-Tuesdays. Enjoy.

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