Xmas Toplessness Isn't Over Until We Decide It Is! Holly Peers and Rosie Jones Take You Behind the Scenes of Their Yuletide Funbags Photoshoot

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Outside of spiked egg nog (because eggs and booze were ever meant to be together) and watching my buddy Burt's young overseas bride go commando underneath her Santa's helper costume again this year, the very best part of Christmas are the bountiful bevy of boobtastic babes going quite topless to celebrate the season. Our friends at Nuts magazine are among the lads magazines that do such a fine job turning the birth of the Christian Savior into an excuse for epic levels of funbaggery, including this second installment of Holly Peers and Rosie Jones dropping the tops off their Yuletide costumes and riding something close to a reindeer together.

Now, some people believe that the holidays are about family and tradition and old school values, as do we. Sextastic topless sweethearts just happens to be our family tradition. Enjoy.

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