Ana Lucia Dominguez Covered Topless for a Double Shot of Colombian Telenovela Gloriosa

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Colombian soap starlet. Three words that evoke images of sultry, steamy, Latina goodness. And we are not the least bit let down as eye a twin-take of Ana Lucia Dominguez, Sudamericana telenovela actress who lends her seductive bodily wares to the lenses of Soho magazine in not one, but two separate eye-popping pictorials that remind us that our very first virtual Winnebago road trip road right through Colombia, wherein we gave our hearts, and many coins, to the savagely savory ladies thereabouts.

It's not just that Ana Lucia Dominguez is tan and hot and dripping wet all over, it's just that... actually, wait, that's exactly it. And it's spectacular. Enjoy.

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