Ashley Dupre Nekkid To Remind Us of Eliot Spitzer's Biggest Achievement

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Apparently, Eliot Spitzer wasn't too happy with his buddy Al Gore selling off his Current TV online channel to Al Jazeera, so Eliot announced his resignation today from Current TV as a show host, which reminded us of his more infamous resignation as Governor of the State of New York when it was discovered he was frequenting a brothel, doing the unthinkable -- paying with a check (who does that?).

Still, we could never truly fault Eliot Spitzer for his choice of professional ladies, for unlike some infamous names before him --- Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and many others -- Eliot did manage to find one good looking lady of the evening in Ashley Dupre, who are friends at PlayboyPlus are now sharing with you quite nekkid as a tribute to dear old Eliot today.

Check out some skin-filled pics of Ashley Dupre and see if you might not have dipped your own Gubernatorial pen into the wanton woman ink a few times yourself had you been the big cheese in the Empire State.

Also, be sure to get in on the continuing 50% off membership discount from PlayboyPlus, if you happen to want to see like 300,000 nekkid photos of super hot woman and thousands of videos to boot. It should be ahead of rent money on any sane man's list.

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