Beth Humphreys Topless Outtakes Help Us Give a Proper Hello to a New Member of the Family

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We've had small mention of up and coming British glamour model Beth Humphreys before, but nothing quite like this introduction of the new brunette to the stables of lad magazine hotness, as in this blessed set of outtakes from her recent Nuts magazine pictorial.

Now, some assume that since we have looked at over hundreds of thousands of images of the world's most sextastic women baring their wares for viewing pleasure, that we might be jaded as to finding yet another DD-diamond in the rough. Oh, to the contrary, my dear friend, to the contrary. We elate with heightened pulmonary responses at the chance to feast our luring leering peepers upon a new fine female form like Beth Humphreys. As if we were an explorer planting our flags on yet another new isle, with the grin of a conqueror and the swagger of a pirate. These are the moments we cherish, especially in sharing with you (he said with a truly masculine tone). Enjoy.

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