Cara Parrish from MTV's Buckwild Gets Buck Nekkid for Modeling Photos

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We don't need to repeat ourselves as to the big social steamer MTV routinely drops on the young men and women of this world in terms of entertainment content. Video killed the radio star, and now MTV has killed music videos, replaced by shows such as their latest crap-vention, Buckwild, which appears to be Jersey Shore set in rural West Virginia. Because every show on MTV is going to be Jersey Shore set somewhere else.

But, all is not lost, because with a new cast of craptastic show characters comes the inevitable nekkid photo past of one or more of the members, in this case, Buckwild cast member Cara Parrish, who is relatively cute (remembering the MTV Snooki scale) and most definitely nekkid in some various modeling pictures set in a time before she's about to become famous for doing nothing.

Thanks to Camlawman and other EgoReaders who contributed to this Cara skin-reveal. Only taking a wild guess here, at some point, we'll be seeing adult film work cuts. Enjoy.

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