Damn You, Pasties! Nicole Scherzinger See-Through Goodness Ruined by Nip Cover Ups (But Legs Still Delightful)

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Editor's Note: thanks to the many of you who wrote in to let the world know of the great 'pasties' misconception. Those are actually Nicole's ginormous, wide, broad, nipples. Amazing, but true, she has some serious sucklers. Thanks to all.

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Quite the tease; an almost had glimpse of the delightful chest puppies of Nicole Scherzinger, stopped dead in their red carpet tracks by her trickery of pasties, covering up her headlights beneath a see through dress top at last night's National Television Awards.

While we were utterly (not to mention, udderly) disappointed at the lack of positive visuals on hot Nicole's perky pair, we did rejoice in her slit dress leg show, being that we are leg men, and seeing as how the dancer has some of the finest gams in the business. So, a mixed bag of treats if you will from Nicole Scherzinger, a sextastic darling with a bountiful bag of goodies. Enjoy.

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