Emma Frain Topless Cozy Sweater and Stocking Wonderments Help Us Appreciate Winter (VIDEO)

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It's a big nippy outside, but inside, it's the perfect season for admiring the nips, and glorious parts attached thereto, of some of our favorite glamour models getting all kinds of fluffy sweater warm during this frigid January. Sweet sextastic lovelies such as Emma Frain, who we believe to be one of the most warm-feeling inducing women on this planet, with the magical talent of becoming even hotter as she removes her winter clothing.

Oh, the thoughts of some champagne, a roaring fire, and a bear skin rug do come to mind when we see Emma Frain all kinds of topless and delicious in her fun little video. Of course, the booze, fire, and rug are completely optional. Backseat of the car would do just fine as well. Enjoy.

For much more of the crazy hot Emma Frain, check out her official site at

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