Emma Frain Topless Pictures For Beachy Peachy Goodness (and One Damn Lucky Stone Wall)

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If there is to be reincarnation, and I am to come back as an inanimate object, I'd like to sign up for Jessica Alba's favorite pair of panties, or, perhaps, Miranda Kerr's private time toy for when Orlando is off moping on the couch about how he hasn't found a job since Pirates, but, if it's too be something more grand in scale, you could do worse than the blessed stonework the gloriously hot Emma Frain is pressing her epic funbags up against in her sunny beach photoshoot.

As you know, we think Emma Frain is one of the finest looking women in the world, and we're not just saying that to get into her knickers. Although, if it helps, hey, it helps. But also, we're men of integrity, and so as we gaze upon her topless form, we really do slur out the words 'world class hottie'.

When inspiration hits you where'd you let no man kick you, you just have to let it take you where it will. So, please, don't forget to lock the door. Enjoy.

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