FRIDAY CLASSIC: Diora Baird Ridiculously Hot and Topless for Terry Richardson

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Kind of a callback topless-back if you will, but EgoReader 'Damien' insists that he might actually die if we don't share the full set of photos from almost ten years ago now that that lucky bastard Terry Richardson took of the wonderfully almost nekkid Diora Baird, just a babe in the woods back then. Well, we get lots of 'about to die' letters, but Damien's seemed more legit than others since it included actual medical charts, and, like we've said a thousand times, especially nice funbags can save the world, one soul at a time.

So, we honor those life saving skills of beautiful melons with a look at the ridiculously hot and sweet bare body of Diora Baird to kickstart out Friday. Enjoy.

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