Humpday Huzzah! Brazilian Boobtastic Beauty Thais Dornelles Lends Her Curves to Midweek Happiness

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Could we ever get enough of hot Brazilian rising star models with glorious funbags and ridiculously curvy bodies? Um, that was kind of rhetorical.

On this midweek campaign of survival from the boss (and, if your boss is anything like my employees' boss, he's a total dick) we have the privilege of presenting a package of bare busty goodness from our friend 'Manny' down Sao Paulo way, who insists that Thais Dornelles may just be the new Latina lust of his life. And, from a quick three-hour glance of Thais here today, I can't say I hardly blame him.

Dressed in skimpy bits of black lingerie that do not stay on for too long, Thais reminds us that sometimes a hump is not an obstacle, it's a blessed opportunity. Enjoy.

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