Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures Striptease to Ease Your Suffering Peas

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If it's Wednesday that means it's Humpday, the middle of the week when we celebrate the top of the line, err, top of the torso excellence in all things round and supple and bouncy to the motorboating fun time touch. And there's no finer pair of jiggly jugs than on the beautiful and perfectly teasing curvaceous form of Jodie Gasson, a glamour model who contributes more to the Gross National Pleasure of this world than your average man, or, you know, topless woman.

You know that we know that you know that faptastic funbags can save this planet. And we don't say that like the folks who say that low-flow showers and hemp can save the planet, because while they may be right, the promotional materials for our campaign are far more fun to review. Huzzah!

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