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Johanna Pulkkinen for A Finnish Reminder That Big Brother Is So Much Better Overseas

Not to beat a dead horse with a hot Finn, but sometimes we like to go to the well over and over again when that trip involves seeing some of the nekkid awesomeness that occurs on the overseas editions of some of the reality shows we'd always imagined would be so much better if they just showed a little more skin. And, in Finland, among other places, they already do.

Take for instance, Johanna Pulkkinen, contestant in the latest edition of Big Brother Finland. Just wicked showery nekkid hot. Hey, I  don't care if you're in a frat house or the Big Brother House, at some point, you've got to rinses yourself off. And if you happen to be a sexy reality show contestant, I want to see that. To deny us that view is to deny the very hottest potential premise of your show, Big Brother U.S. producers! Well, my rant is done. Back to watching Johanna drop the soap. Enjoy.

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