Kate Upton Mega-Boobtastic in V-Magazine (Almost Ruined By Topless Dude in Photos)

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Oh, man, we are the first to say that women's and fashion stylish magazines aren't just for women anymore, and sometimes present the finest in the visual contributions of some of the most delicious celebrities on the planet. And, this is true. But the good folks at V magazine almost ruined a stunningly boobtastic pictorial of blonde bombshell Kate Upton by including some topless dude in almost all of her photos. We simply won't go there. It goes against our Mission Statement (at least, the one that exists in our minds somewhere from a few years and many many cocktails ago).

Nevertheless, there were two dude-less photos of Kate Upton from this month's V magazine pictorial that we just had to share with you. Because you love Kate Upton and you love her big bosomy funbags even more so. Yes, I know you. And, yes, you do. So check her out and if you want to check out the pictures of her with douchy arty topless dude, go ahead and Google the interwebs or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days. Enjoy.

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