Lacey Banghard Topless and Leading the Calendar Charge On Our Wall Here in 2013

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Many things happen when the new year comes about. In our offices, on the first work day of each new year we hold our annual sexual harassment training classes, followed immediately by a placing on the wall of all of our favorite topless annual calendars. It's sort of a yin-yang kind of thing.

Among the various places of honor on our humble working space hangs today the delicious hangers of Lacey Banghard, one of the boobtastic beauties who brings richness to our lives and specifically to our eye sockets every day of the year. Lacey's 2013 calendar hardly stands alone, but it rests comfortably at 42-degrees north of eye shot, affording me the opportunity to view her kick-ass knockers whilst pretending to be interested in whatever the latest person in front of me might be bitching about. Bless you for your serenity, Lacey Banghard. Enjoy.

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