Leilani Dowding Shows Off Her Great British Asstastic Along the California Coast

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Let's be real. A girl's bottom is often upper most on the mind of many a sophisticated ogler. So when we saw our good friend Leilani Dowding in what can only be described as a 'ass-tacular' pair of shorts and a bikini top along the Southern California beach, well, we were pleased as spiked punch.

Leilani is a simple girl, a British transplant to warmer climes, who loves strenuous athletic training, showing off the fruits of her sweaty labor, and the love of her dog. I believe she has killed a man in her past, but every hot girl deserves a felony or two to be overlooked for the sake of producing a finer looking species on down the line. Not that we can't imagine Leilani in handcuffs and a stiff interrogation, but for the time being, those booty hugging shorts will hold us dearly. Enjoy.

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