Lucy Collett Plays With Her Bikini Bottom In Topless Tease for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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We've seen the photos from the pictorial below, but there's truly nothing better than when our ginger lust crushes are set in motion on video, as in Lucy Collett performing her strip-teasing dance outside a pickup truck in this truly memorable bit of visual motion wonderment.

Now, I'm not sure if it's the bikini tugs up and down on her bottoms, or the blessed pillow reveal up top, or maybe it's just the sight of a truck that looks like a baby I owned for a brief, but highly spirited period of my life, but this site of the redheaded bombshell just has me flashing back, forward, and sideways to all sorts of memorable naughty life moments.

On this Ta-Ta-Tuesday, when we celebrate all that is plush and curvaceous, Lucy Collett, you have landed a mini-masterpiece. Enjoy.

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at

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