Maggie Grace Bare Arse and Nipple Pokes Highlight Her Season-to-Date Contributions on Californication

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Well, we do have high standards for our Boob Tube shares, and while it most often involves some baring of the more private area flesh, we felt we must give a shoutout to former Lost star and all-around thespianic hottie, Maggie Grace, who is gracing the episodes on the current season of Californication with some very teasy aplomb.

While we've yet to see any perfectly pinkish particulars, Maggie has lent a nice sight of her bare bottom and some pokies beneath her nightgown to an ever building repertoire of wonderments on the sixth season of the show that we can only hope leads to some type of epic fulfillment before season's end. Maggie, show us your honey drippers, please. Enjoy.

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