Mammary Memories: Alley Baggett Topless Photos for Some Classically Hot Killer Curves

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We get so many questions from dudes asking why their all-time wankathon celebrity favorites aren't appearing anywhere on the site, and the answer often is simply that their favorite private time thoughts ladies simply were topless around before we were around. So we decided to start a little something something called Mammary Memories, wherein when you guys write us with your fondest funbag memories, we try to oblige you with a look back a decade or more at some of the finest round tops throughout your self-exploration histories.

All of which leads us to EgoReader 'Damon' and his penchant for all things perfectly round on the torse of the wicked hot Alley Baggett, former big time Playboy and magazine model, occasional professional wrestling commentator, and all-around hottie from the Lonestar State. Well, Damon wants everybody to know that Alley inspired him to many levels of chaffing greatness, and he expects in retrospect you shall soon join the I Heart Alley's Tubes Top club. And I suspect he is right. Enjoy.

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