Mellisa Clarke Topless Natural Hotness for Faptastic Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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We really have fallen hard for brunette minxish glamour model, Mellisa Clarke. I'm not sure if it's her natural, slightly inked, wicked hot body stylings, that look of a girl who can kick your ass in chess and then further dominate your bishop with her queen, or maybe it's just because she looks a helluva lot like Lisa Lowen, the second clarinet from the right during our month long super high school band crush who was the finest blower in the woodwind section, but, we're head over heels for this delicious glass of sextastic, and we're leering at her latest topless pictorial in the midst of our Ta-Ta-Tuesdays celebration here at Ego.

Fine woman, super fine body, and some unspeakably naughty fantasies. This is what makes life worth getting up for every day. Enjoy.

(And be sure to check out a  ton more Mellisa Clarke on her official site.)

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