Mellisa Clarke Topless Salute to Her Page 3 Idol Competition Victory!

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We could not be more pleased with the selection by U.K. Sun readers of Mellisa Clarke as the Page 3 Idol for 2013. The hot gothy brunette with the natural naughty goodness has quickly become one of our favorite leering pastimes, and this award is more than deserved.

Mellisa Clarke cuts quite a uniquely sextastic visual, now joining the vaunted ranks of past Page 3 Idol winners such as Lucy Collett, Lacey Banghard, Kelly Hall, Sam Cooke, and the goddess, Keeley Hazell. Pretty lofty hot bodied company, to say the least.

In tribute to her royal hottie highness, take a look at a poolside topless pictorial of Mellisa, and also enjoy a stroll down mammary lane with these other Page 3 Idol champions. Enjoy.

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