Nicole Neal Topless Blonde Sweetheart, The Kind of Girl Who Gets You in Big Trouble (VIDEO)

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Checking out Nicole Neal in her new pictorial in this month's Front magazine, along with one helluva wicked accompanying alluring and quite topless video shoot, my first thought, naturally, was, 'Man, so damn hot, must have'. Then I realized, hmm, Nicole Neal looks just like the kind of girl who you fall head over loins for, then find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. I mean, you end up with a brother holding a shotgun under your nostrils, or some big dude with no neck asking why you gotta make trouble messing with her, or perhaps you just discover that despite being a certified Subway sandwich maker, you've got no money left in your bank account at the end of the month, or on the 8th of the month, because somebody thought they'd look good in fur. And, despite what PETA says, damn,she did look good in just that fur.

But this is a fleeing thought. Because, let's face it, men have very short memories for the punishing lessons of the past when they're focused on thoughts of punishing a hot booty in the future. Without short memories, we'd hardly be able to populate this planet. And that is a job that somebody's got to do; and I'd like to start now, right now, with Nicole Neal. Many babies! Enjoy.

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And just because we are lusting hard for Nicole Neal right about now, check out her latest lingerie pictorial for Ann Summers:

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