OPERATION TOPLESS DAVOS: The Angry Topless Ukranian Protestors Are At It Again

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You know we're generally against loud angry protests and we most definitely have no idea what the World Economic Forum is, does, or is trying to perpetrate (it sounds like just about the most boring convention ever), but, once again, we must give deference to the vehemently vocal and whistle-blowing gals of FEMEN, the Ukranian based feminist group that attends such summits, whips off their tops, fires off flare guns, and blows their whistles until dudes with batons and helmets come and drag them away. Hey, everybody's got to spend their weekends doing what they love.

Well, the bitter gals tore up Davos over the weekend, which I'm told is a sleepy little town in Switzerland (aren't they all?) and with the power of their bare boobs, sought to raise the living standards of women around the globe. Hey, a noble cause, and as long as they keep flashing their ta-ta's to get what they want, we are bound to at least root for them a little. Enjoy.

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