READER FINDS: Fired School Teacher Stacie Halas in Naughty Repose, Olga Kurylenko Nekkid, Eva Mendes Wicked Hot, and Much Much More...

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Wow, what a week. I feel deader than Manti Te'o's girlfriend (too early?). But there's nothing to rejuvenate the soul quite like the dulcet visuals of the collective celebrity skin we like to call Reader Finds. That once a week gathering of some of the finest souls on this planet to exchange and intercourse some of the most outrageously hot skin-filled celebrity poses. Think of it as a TED Conference, if TED Conferences were really fucking interesting.

This week's Reader Finds includes Brooke Hogan nip slip on TNA Wrestling (thanks to our favorite EgoReader "Anon'), models Lynette Harris and Nikki Lee Young topless painted up for New England vs. Baltimore showdown in BlazingHot magazine (contributed by 'Jim S.' of Premier Rides coaster builders), Stacie Halas, the middle school teacher fired for being Tiffany Six, porn star (inspired by naughty student 'Thomas'), more topless modeling pictures form Emily DiDonato (kudios to 'Ty'), Eva Mendes so supremely hot in black and white (thank you 'Junirods'), Miley Cyrus see-through to the nips (donated by 'Alberto'), Mary Louise Parkershowing off her own hotself on Instagram (bless you 'Mike'), Lucy Pinder smoking hot in lingerie (we owe thanks to 'Evan G.'), Holly Peers, Nicole Neal, and Staci Nobletttopless Pabo 2013 screencaps (lovely lasses by 'Rome'), Helena Christensen poking hot (dropped delicious from 'Steve J.'), Laura Harring sexy leg show (thank you kindly, 'Derrick'), Chabeli Navarro and Cristina Merino topless screencaps for Interviu magazine photoshoot (a million Internet points for 'Devon'), more Lucy Pinder topless with her gal pal Rosie Jones in their Nuts photoshoot (contributed by 'Barry'), Olga Kurylenko quite unclothed and sweet (delivered to doorstep by 'Wayne C.'), and Wendy Fiore in the world's most improbably covered topless shower scene, from (kudos to 'Vanua'),  Damn, that's a lot of skin! Enjoy.

Oh, yeah, we got videos this week from you crazy cats too:

EgoReader 'Sasha' sees boobs from Mila Kunis in an outtake from Friends with Benefits, 'Tyler' wants to share Ivana Milicevic getting nekkid in Banshee, the new show from Cinemax, and a look at the body art painting in our Ravens vs. Patriots topless girls above:

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