READER FINDS: MTV's Michelle Ang Topless, Nabilla Benattia Topless, Abigail Breslin All Grow'd Up, and Much Much More...

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Do you smell that? Yep, it's happiness. Well happiness mixed with an old Stroh's can and just an ounce of potential regret. The scents of the coming weekend of opportunities knocked and some doors better left unopened. But we kick off this end of week ritual each week with our communal gathering of skin-filled contributions provided by you, the scientifically documented most intelligent celebrity website viewing audience on the world wide web. I never figured smart people would pay attention to me, though I suppose it's more what I have to offer, or, on Fridays, what you all have to offer, a little diggity-do we like to call Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Poppy Montgomery cleavetastc in Unforgettable (tusen takk to EgoReader 'Anders'), McKayla Maroney making us jealous of a balance beam (dropped from above by 'Penn'), Kendall Leigh Neunar from Barter Kings covered topless (thank you kindly, 'Dave'), Abigail Breslin all grow'd up in her bra in The Call (kudos to 'Paul'), Stana Katic camel toe (a desert blessing from 'George B'), Candice Swanepoel wicked hot in V.S. holiday shoot (a 'and you're welcome' from 'Tutti'), new Page 3 Idol Winner Mellisa Clarke topless in a Zoo magazine interactive shoot (1M Internet points for 'Doug'), Michelle Ang from MTV's Underemployed quite underdressed in Black & White magazine (tip of the hat to 'Tip O'Hat'), a young Tanit Phoenix quite topless in Maya (sweet find by 'Shaun'), and last, but certainly not least, French reality hottie Nabilla Benattia topless in Newlook magazine this past summer (we bow down to 'MisterB' for his contribution). Wow. Enjoy.

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