READER FINDS: Rosario Dawson Nip Slip, Audrey Tautou Topless, Kelly Brook Topless, and Much Much More...

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Just as we turn the pages on another year, so too do we turn the page on 52 more editions of our very favorite weekly skin-filled adventure known as Reader Finds. That weekly communal gathering of voyeurs, pervs, oglers, gawkers, fanboys, and aficionados of all things sextastic that we like to call our readership that is nothing short of breathtaking in its social consciousness. It sure beats a potluck or company picnic.

This week's Reader Finds includes Rosario Dawson nipple slipping in Fire with Fire (thanks to EgoReader 'Junirods'), delicious model pics of T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes (courtesy of regular 'Joey G.'), Audrey Tautou topless in Princess and Emmnauelle Beart equally nekkid onscreen (blessings to 'Frank L.'), inimitable ginger hottie Lucy Collett quite nekkid (contributed by fantastical 'Kevin'), Kelly Brook topless and wicked hot (big ups to EgoReader 'Jeff'), Selena Gomez in little cutie shorts on set (kudos to 'Darren' for this find), Emmy Rossum sexy hot for Modern Luxury magazine, Kelly Brook wicked damn hot in Barnaby Wilshier photoshoot (a million thanks to 'Eva'), Nathalie Hayashi quite topless, quite delicious (lent from the sextastic library by 'Ethan'), model Carla Osso ridiculously alluring in lingerie (contributed by 'Owen'), Rhian Sugden topless for Frank White (peaches produced by 'Devon'), Kelly Andrews, Danica Thrall, and Sophie Howard playing together without clothes (oh, my my by 'Eric'), and India Reynolds topless in still lingerie Christmas awesomeness (thank you kindly to 'Rick D.') Now that is a mouthful. Enjoy.

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