READER FINDS: Stephanie Seymour Topless, Emily Ratajkowski Topless, Emily Blunt, Yeah, Topless, And Much Much More...

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Somebody once asked me why we share Reader Finds on Fridays as opposed to other days of the week, and I told them it was because it combined my very favorite post of the week with my very favorite day of the week. Then I tipped the girl ten dollars and thanked her letting me fondle her shoes for the past fifteen minutes. Truly, you're more honest with your high heel fetish whore than you are with anyone else in the world, and it is very true that Friday is the most joyous day of the week, and also the day we celebrate the communal gallery of EgoReaders round the sextastic campfire for a little show and show.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jeisa Chiminazzo kitschy topless (thanks to EgoReader 'Glen'), underrated hottie Mia Kirshner (blessings to 'Jim B.'), Stephanie Powers -- yes, that Stephanie Powers -- in a wet see-through shirt (uncovered by 'Jasmin'), world's most loving mom, Stephanie Seymour, topless modeling (good on you, 'Atrie'), Sabine Jemeljanova topless hottie screencaps (gracious gift of 'Todd H.'), german model Franziska Knuppe quite topless (all hail 'Leonard'), hottie newcomer model Janarah Fox flashing her goods ( a gift of 'Nielzen'), Izabel Goulart wicked hot and topless (dropped from the sky by 'StrummerFan'), Shameless hottie Shanola Hampton topless caps and Emily Blunt topless double shots (much ado about something from 'David M.'), sultry hot Sara Sampaio nip slip in Mariano Vivanco shoot (epic shots found by 'Saske'), and some outstanding topless pictures of Emily Ratajkowski by John Urbano (contributed blessedly by 'Frank'). Wow that is a mouth and two handfuls. Enjoy.

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