Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Hot and Off the Black Lingerie Hook for Loaded

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The question I get asked more than any other -- don't you ever get tired of seeing hot nekkid women?

To which I always answer, if you had an amazing steak dinner last night, would you be skipping meals today, or salivating in anticipation og your next amazing steak dinner? Precisely. There is no end to the desires of human beings for hot flesh, and thank goodness for that. The sight of super sextastic celebrity skin just makes us shout out, 'Show me more!' We don't have seven billion bipods running around this planet because there is a lust limit. Nay, passion breeds more passion. That's why God invented chaffing powder.

All of which leads me to Sabine Jemeljanova, a glamour model we've seen on more than one occasion, but a hundred occasions would not even be close to enough. The ridiculously hot bodied brunette exhibits another round of wicked wonderments in Loaded magazine where she quickly moves out of her black lingerie fineries into an even finer state of being, deliciously toples.

Could we ever grow tired of seeing such goodness? I don't know, could we grow tired of seeing the sunrise in the East or cocktails as the sun sets in the West? Not any time soon. Enjoy.

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