Sherlyn Chopra Topless Indian Gems from Kamasutra 3D Trailer

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In a way, I blame the dude or dudes who put together the Kama Sutra naughty picture book like two thousand years ago for raising expectation far above the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am process that really and truly is the meat and potatoes of most men's intercourse arsenal. I mean, maybe if you've got a lot of time on your hands and there's no ball game on, okay, twist and contort away for hours, but I still think this is kind of like the odd person who doesn't mind slow restaurants because they say the wait makes the food taste better.

Not me. I like that clock they use on fast food drive throughs to make sure everybody is getting their goods in three minutes or less. I really need to install one of those clocks in my bedroom, let the ladies know they can be slow or fast, but daddy's got to deliver in a timely manner so he can get to the next customer.

Of course, if I had a girl like Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian woman to uncover in Playboy magazine, and star of the upcoming Kamasutra 3D movie, I might be willing to throw in a few extra minutes on her order. Just one superfine looking sweetheart with a body that you might just want to stare at for eight straight hours of limited movement whilst intertwined and interconnected. Imagining Sherlyn and those faptastic funbags in 3D, well, might just have to check that out. Enjoy.

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